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How do you support CRM?

on Fri May 05, 2017 9:52 am
Hi All  Smile

Quite a wide question, but I am really interested in how you support CRM at your institution? (Note - when I refer to support here, I include day to day issues, supplier liaison, user liaison, user training, upgrades, testing, break fixes etc)

We use CRM for leads (including events, marketing and campaigns etc) through to successful applications (communications and interviews etc) institution wide and have approx. 150 users.

Currently to support CRM here we have budget for 1FTE in IT and 1FTE in Marketing, then key users from faculties and other centralised departments. However, we are finding that we are using far higher resource that what we have allocated. In my team (IT) we are using at least 2 FTE, probably more likely 2.5FTE on this and Marketing are in a similar position.

What do you all do? What have you found works best? How do you recruit to roles available? (Can you find Dynamics experienced people or do you train people up?)


Kirstie Adam
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Re: How do you support CRM?

on Fri May 05, 2017 10:48 am
Hi Kirstie

We currently have 7 FTE based in marketing and 1 FTE in IS. We use marketing campaigns, case management, leads/Opportunities/Projects/Services across c. 490 user base (plus extra variable 100 users for telephone campaigns).

Marketing team looks at strategy, policy, process, business leads for projects, quarterly, small customisation, UAT. First line support for all users. Manage, develop and execute marketing automation campaigns and direct marketing campaigns (all marketing users across University work to common plans agreed at beginning of cycle). Training, user support and adoption. Data management and insight. First line issue resolution and fix.

ITS coordinate technical aspects, infrastructure, interfaces, development, unit and regression testing, system administration and manage environments pulling in relevant skills from other ITS teams as and when required.

Re: recruitment it depends on level of job. Higher level roles can get Dynamics experienced people. Junior roles struggle, so look for general CRM experience. I'm recruiting backfill as we're on a major upgrade project and there are some really good agencies who specialise in placing Dynamics personnel. Our ITS team do struggle to get Dynamics experienced staff and have to train up.

Personal perspective, we don't have enough resource in IS to support what we want to do as a business, but ultimately I suppose you can't keep throwing resource at things and have to prioritise!

Hope that helps

Kate Jackson
Nottingham Trent University

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Re: How do you support CRM?

on Fri May 19, 2017 4:55 pm
Hi there!

We have 2 FTE that work on the CRM system specifically and undertake maintenance, training, reporting and run central /activities campaigns - based in Student Recruitment (including me). We then have 4 users in Communications who design emails and are HTML experts but they use it to varying degrees and it is a small part of their jobs. Then in faculties there are roughly two people in each faculty that do their specific stuff, mainly running applicant days. We aren't supported by our IT team at all, they do not support the CRM system. We work with them on anything interface but that is it.

It isn't ideal. We could always do more but like Kate said, you prioritise. There is also an inconsistency that comes from having faculty users in terms of skills and actual deliver of messages to applicants.

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Re: How do you support CRM?

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